Communication solutions for global markets:

Quality, accuracy and the ability to meet deadlines make Extra the ideal partner for all your translation needs.

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For all your translation needs:

Sales catalogues, technical manuals, business contracts, scientific articles, financial statements, multilingual websites, and much, much more.

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High standards of quality:

A team of highly specialised, native speakers completing translations in their fields of expertise, all coordinated by dedicated project managers and supported by meticulous editing staff.

Providing legally binding translations for the last 50 years:

Our sworn translators ensure that all of your documents are compliant with applicable legislation governing relations with foreign authorities.

Specialist translations

Accuracy from A to Z

Extra boasts an international team of over 100 professionals: an extensive network of native speakers completing translations, editing and consulting work – all chosen on the basis of their respective fields of expertise. This allows us to guarantee accurate translations that are in line

Interpreting services

With us, you’ll never be lost for words

We offer consecutive, simultaneous and telephone interpreting services in technical or business fields, for exhibitions, conferences, business negotiations and much more. During important negotiations, even subtle differences in tone


Translation of multilingual websites, script, apps and videos.

In addition to translation, our experts can also ‘localize’ multimedia products, adapting content to the target audience in terms of their cultural references and how they work. Discover our range of services: translation of websites to maximise SEO


We’ll give your company a voice, the world over

In order to successfully sell your product abroad, you must first ensure that any accompanying written material is properly adapted to the target market, with reference to both applicable legislation and how it works.
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