Conferences & Exhibitions


Unlike company interpreting, during conferences the interpreter listens to the speaker from a soundproof booth, translating the words in a matter of seconds for attendees, who wear special headphones for the purpose. If the presentation lasts for more than an hour, two interpreters normally work together in the booth, taking it in turns to translate. All of our professionals are bound by confidentiality agreements in order to protect the content of the discussions held.


Exhibitions are the perfect place to make new business contacts and meet potential clients from all over the world. When attending an exhibition, it is therefore essential to give the right impression – that of a reliable and professional business partner.

Even if you and your co-workers speak fluent English, enabling you to understand others and make yourselves understood, you may still run into difficulty trying to grasp cultural differences or if you’re not too familiar with technical terminology.

If you want to effectively present your products or begin business negotiations, it is highly recommended that you communicate with your counterparts in their respective language. Speaking the same language can help to create better rapport with your business contacts, making them feel like they are really at the centre of your attention.

This can only be achieved by using professional interpreters able to translate even subtle differences in meaning and, where necessary, explain the cultural references relative to the other party’s native country.

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